What Colors Are In For 2017?

Colors trends are constantly evolving, making them difficult to pin down on a year-to-year basis. Expert color forecasters are equally parts designers and socialists. Their predictions are drawn from runways, auto manufacturers, and even the housewares industry, while hours are spent scouring trade shows, showrooms, and magazines.

So what colors are “in” for 2017?

If you’re looking for some creative input on how you might decorate your own space, consider these shades below that are already making waves this year.

World of Blues

With the recent election, paired with other economic events in the past years, various shades of blue have suddenly surged in popularity. This soothing color is often associated with consistency, peace, and dependability – important qualities to Americans in terms of stability.

From dusky and powdery blue to light and rich blue-green, blue has become a staple in almost every American product. These oceany colors accentuate high ceilings and compliment other bolder accents.

Comfortable Neutrals

Various appealing shades of neutrals are now making their way into larger purchases such as carpets, sofas or even cars. From rich mineral grays to the camel and even dusted yellows, Americans are opting for more soothing colors in their home and purchases, paired with trendy accents such as plums, greens, and amethysts.

Earthy Tones

Along the line of comfort, earthy greens and taupe have become a staple in homes across the country. These softer tones create a warmer ambiance and welcoming vibe in kitchens and family rooms, and can easily be paired with other soft blends of richer colors such as orangey corals and light reds.

Millennial Pink

This ultra-feminine color has been dubbed millennial pink and has gained popularity with the growing generation. This color has been used as accent pieces and even in whole bedroom decors as a way to bring in natural light and ambiance to a room.

Whether you’re looking for a new pallet to satisfy your decorating needs or just curious about what colors are in this year, this guide is sure to steer you in the right direction. These colors are timeless and are expected to reach well into the next couple of years. If you’re not sure what’s best to compliment your home décor, talk to a professional design consultant!

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