Types of Wood Flooring Service



When homeowners start the search for quality flooring contractors, the first service that comes to mind is typically installation. However, professional flooring contractors off a variety of other wood flooring services as well. From cleaning and installation to maintenance and repair, experienced wood flooring contractors can handle all of your wood flooring needs.


When it comes to wood flooring, here are the most common services you can receive:


  • Installation: A professional wood flooring installer will ensure that your wood comes from the same manufacturer lots and obtain location of seams, joints, and floor placement, in addition to seamlessly installing your wood floor to size.
  • Repair: A professional flooring contractor will repair missing buckles or loose planks, gaps between the plants, split or splintered plants, scratches, stains, or cracks, for a pristine and smooth finish.
  • Refinishing and Sanding: An experienced contractor will also be able to help with quality flooring updates, such as refinishing, re-coating, buffing, bleaching, staining, refinishing, or sanding of your wood floor
  • Deep Cleaning: A flooring service alternative to refinishing and sanding is deep cleaning. This process removes surface contaminates without the need of sanding, and allows the new finish to bond easily with the underlying wood.
  • Custom Inlays and Borders: Many wood flooring contractors are much more than installers. They are artists and experienced in the art of crafting distinguished floor borders, patterns, and designs.
  • Accessories:Last but not least, wood contractors can provide a variety of unique flooring accessories. These are your moldings, wooden vents, skirting, board decking, treads and stair risers.


As you can see, flooring contractors offer a wide range of wood flooring services. From new house builds, renovations, additions, and repairs wood flooring contractors are a one-stop-shop for all of your hardwood flooring requirements and needs.



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